Understanding your symptoms and problems is key to successful outcomes, whether you want to be able to go up the stairs pain free or you are training for an iron man. From knowing what is going with your body and understanding what you can do to being guided through rehabilitation, an initial assessment is always the first step. 

This will include an in depth discussion to ensure I understand the history and drivers of your symptoms. This also allows me to rule in and out certain conditions.  

If I am unable to identify the source of the problem, believe that further input is indicated or feel physiotherapy is not the answer then I am able to refer to onward to local consultants, GPs and specialists. 

I will always give a clinical impression which is my professional opinion of your presentation. This includes explanations and education of your symptoms. 

If appropriate you will receive a rehabilitation plan which will include suggestions, advice and exercises individualised to you and designed around your goals. 



This involves ongoing re assessment and discussion following your progress and feedback.

In these sessions your rehab plan may be adapted and altered based upon your current presentation.

Depending on your presentation this may include supervised exercise, discussions on changing lifestyle and coping strategies,  manual therapy (mobilisations, soft tissue manipulation etc.), add-on therapy (acupuncture, taping etc.) and other appropriate treatments. 



As a physiotherapist I am trained in assessing movement patterns and control as well as understanding how pain and pathology can affect the way our bodies work. 1-1 Pilates sessions offer a chance to really focus on your individual needs and deficits to work towards optimised movement and control.



This is every aspect of an assessment and clinical impression but without the objective examination. It allows people to understand what may be causing their issues and gives you guidance on how to manage them.

Physical Therapy Session


I offer sports massage as part of my service but on an individually assessed basis. This is because it is not appropriate for everyone and I do not believe in passive management of issues that need addressing with physiotherapy.

I have contacts with local massage therapists so if you want to discuss further please get in touch and we can decide on the most appropriate management.