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I have been to see Kiera for several different reasons and have always been impressed with her knowledge, thoroughness, and ability to get to the root of my problem.  As an avid gym goer (I lift too much and stretch too little) and competitive club hockey player it is important for me to see a physio with a sports background to work with me. 

My first real injury – a torn hamstring (some luverly purple, back & blue bruising) and sought Kiera’s help for the recovery process. From initial diagnosis, massage therapy, exercise therapy, rehabilitation plans and follow ups during the four to six weeks it took to recover I was highly impressed and very confident it accelerated my recovery.  Kiera helped bandage and support the area as well during and post recovery process and I was back doing the things I loved in no time. 

I have also consulted her for several other issues to help increase performance in the gym and the stretch / therapy work she has given me has noticeably allowed me to lift more.  I would highly recommend a consultation with Kiera – you will be thrilled with impact she makes on your body and wellbeing. 

       - Very happy client

Kyle Soulsby - 2020

I came to see Kiera last year regarding hip and lower back pain, Kiera was very professional and thorough with her examination. Kiera was quick to diagnose a possible labral tear in my left hip and advised me to go to my GP, after x rays and MRI scans they confirmed she was spot on with diagnosis. I had a hip arthroscopy and am now back at work feeling great. I would highly recommend Kiera as her knowledge and great experience is second to none.

Alice Jurasek - 2020

Kiera helped me in my rehab following an arthroscopy on my knee. She provided a clear set of rehab exercises as well as helping in each of my appointments. I made a return to competitive sport quicker than expected which was great.
Since then she’s also helped with more normal sport (and age!) related injuries, with both treatment for acute hockey related injuries in addition to providing guidance on short and long term injury management.
She’s always clear in her diagnosis and provides simple and straightforward treatment plans
Highly recommended!!

Rhys Joyce - 2020

Kiera is half physio and half magician. Within a single session she diagnosed the problems and started fixing them, and not only fixed the issues but taught me techniques to avoid the problems reoccurring.

Gaelle Pound - 2020


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