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Pre season prep...

Its that time of the year again where several sports leagues begin: Hockey, football, rugby etc. For many of us having the luxury of a club strength and conditioning coach is not an option and juggling fitness and prehab with full time work can be tricky. As a keen club hockey player and MSK physio here are my suggestions for exercises that'll target the key muscle groups prone to injury in field hockey.

1. Hamstrings (AKA the dreaded hamstring)

  • Nordic curls - Easy to do on the side of the pitch and all you need is a team mate. Works on eccentric heavy slow control at the knee and stability at the hip.

  • Romanian deadlifts - Another eccentric exercises this time working more at the hip, load it up or change to single leg to vary this exercises

  • Long lever heel dig high bridges (A bit of a mouthful) - Heels up on a step/box with your knee as close to straight as you can get whilst still being able to push through your heels and get your bottom off the floor. Can also do this single legged. Loads the hamstrings in a lengthened position to work in a different range.

2. Adductors

  • Side plank with upper leg lift and lower - Does what is says on the tin. Keep you trunk and pelvis stable

  • Side lunges - Slow and controlled on lowering and explosive on the push up.

  • Copenhagen adductors - Side plank but with your top foot on a stool and the bottom foot lifting up to touch.

  • Change of direction drills - Any drill involving fast paced running with cuts and turns and change of direction.

3. Quadriceps

  • Weighted squats - Start low and gradually build up

  • Leg press - Same as above, can do single legged.

  • Single leg controlled squats - Working on movement control and technique.

  • Reverse nordics - Eccentric loading of the knee

  • Sprints - Ensure a good base strength and fitness and a good warm-up before jumping into sprints

4. Movement control and explosive work

  • Lateral hops - Over a line or cone working on controlling the movement and landing

  • Hops for distance

  • Hops for time

  • Cutting and planting drills

  • Box jumps

  • Ladders

5. Upper limb

  • Plank pull troughs - Hold a good plank posture whilst dragging a weight from the outside of one hand to the outside of the other

  • Straight arm cable rotations - Also works the core but good to build in some rotational elements to mimic some of the skills used in hockey.

  • 'Sharpovas' - Works the rotator cuff through range.

  • Lateral and forward raise - targets shoulder strength

  • Overhead press

For any further details on any of the above please get in touch!

This is not an exhaustive list and there are hundreds of exercises and drills that can be built in and up and this does not replace the work of coaches or therapists but can be used for those with limited access as a guideline of where to start.

As always, with any ache, injury or symptom a thorough assessment would be required prior to starting sport to ensure it is safe to do so.

Happy sporting!


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